Sacred Heart Catholic School strives to fulfill the primary mission of Catholic schools: the saving mission of Jesus Christ and His Church through faith and the sacraments. This mission leads to a stronger, more united community, and the spreading of the kingdom of God.

The school exists to develop the skills, knowledge, and values needed for life, based upon our Catholic identity and faith in Jesus Christ. 

We support parents in their role as primary educators of our students in knowledge and faith. The entire Sacred Heart Parish community shares responsibility for providing a learning environment, and this community of faith supports the educational mission of the Church.

We nurture individual achievements and foster personal holiness in a safe environment. Our school prepares students to be active, Christian witnesses proclaiming the Gospel in service to others. At Sacred Heart Catholic School, we educate the whole child by addressing individual needs, talents, and abilities, inspiring them to be life-long learners.

Our educators are committed to professional excellence and spiritual growth in their Christian lives and they direct the learning process as companion and guide.