2019 - 20  Volunteer Information

We all know it takes many hands to keep our Sacred Heart community going and we rely on the generosity of many, many volunteers for our school and parish activities. With the use of SignUp.com, sign up and participation will be easier than ever before.

Below you will find links to both short-term parish events and long-term school activities. If you have any questions or problems, please contact SHFloVolunteers@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for your support!

School Activities

Lunch Room Duty-- https://signup.com/go/KEQkRnT

Parking Lot Directors - https://signup.com/go/zhoXyxZ

Staff Treats-- https://signup.com/go/fbaVnhh

Octoberfest-- https://signup.com/go/EPHtPDB

Dinner Auction-- https://signup.com/go/VMkOcdg

Pasta Dinner-- https://signup.com/go/iSEToAE

Field Day-- https://signup.com/go/SFqeAFr

Grandparents Day (K-2)-- https://signup.com/go/cnqfghL

DARE Graduation Grade 5 - https://signup.com/go/PDcqYsW

Homeroom Help

Kindergarten - https://signup.com/go/cbLPiFY

1st Grade--- https://signup.com/go/ksqJDiP

2nd Grade--- https://signup.com/go/twjbhFh

3rd Grade--- https://signup.com/go/DdfCNOR

4th Grade-- https://signup.com/go/HVqONiu

5th Grade-- https://signup.com/go/prdrmxe

6th Grade-- https://signup.com/go/ZKXfPnB

7th grade-- https://signup.com/go/uLdLexD

8th Grade-- https://signup.com/go/dvVqqMa