For over 150 years, Sacred Heart Catholic School has been committed to educating young men and women in accordance with the saving mission of Jesus Christ and His Church. As a private school, we rely on tuition, grants, bequests, and the generosity and hard work of our parents and our parish community in our fundraising efforts.

You can be part of this tradition by supporting our efforts financially. Gifts of all sizes are welcome. It does not take a large donation to have a big impact. Submit your donation to:

Sacred Heart Catholic School
501 Saint Louis Street
Florissant, MO 63031

The appropriate tax forms will be sent upon receipt.

Other ways to donate include:

Scholarship Funds

The learning experience at Sacred Heart is best served when we are open to many cultures and economic backgrounds. While we strive to keep tuition at a reasonable rate, there are families who need financial assistance. Sacred Heart provides tuition aid to 20% of its families. Your generous donation could help bring a child to Sacred Heart.



School and parish events are an important way for us to communicate with the community about the mission of Sacred Heart, showing concrete examples of the work that is being done while raising vital funds to benefit our school. Following are some of our annual events, designed to be both fun and supportive of our school efforts:


  • Oktoberfest (October)
  • Dinner Auction (November)
  • School Picnic (May)


Daily Cash Giveaway Raffle

With the simple purchase of a $10 raffle ticket, you could win a $25 daily cash prize or a monthly $200 cash prize! One winner is drawn each day of the year beginning January 1, 2015. Once a winning ticket is drawn, it goes back into the hopper for a chance to win again. That means you have 365 chances to win with one ticket! All proceeds from this fundraiser support Sacred Heart School and Sacred Heart Kindergarten, helping to keep tuition costs down for all families. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the school office at 314-831-3372 x233.


Target Take Charge of Education Program


If you shop at Target, here’s how the program works: When participants use their REDcard, Target donates up to 1% to their designated K-12 school. Plus they receive 5% off their purchases. Each September these funds are distributed to schools nationwide, including Sacred Heart. This is an easy way to help support our school and save money too! For more information and to enroll and designate Sacred Heart School go to


Schnucks eScipt

Since 2007, Sacred Heart has participated in the Schnuck's Markets eScript Program. Many of you have taken advantage of this offer to support our school and, since that time, Sacred Heart has earned nearly $13,894. Each time you swipe your card, Sacred Heart receives 1% of the amount you spend. As our total increases, so does the percentage of return. If you have misplaced your card or would like a second one for your household, please contact the school office. Your new card may be activated by calling 1-800-931-6258 or online at Let them know that you are supporting Sacred Heart School.


Box Tops for Education

Box Top sis one of America's largest school earnings loyalty programs.  Each Box Top is worth $0.10 for our school.  You can send Box Tops to school at any time.  Participating products can be found at Heart uses Box Tops cash to purchase necessary supplies and equipment to keep learning current. 



Did You Know…?

Through Office Depot and Office Max’s “Give Back” program, when you shop for school supplies (including many general office supplies), Sacred Heart can earn 5% in FREE credit.  It’s simple to give back. When you go to checkout, mention Sacred Heart as the school you’d like to give back to, and 5% of your qualifying purchase will go towards free supplies for Sacred Heart.  Provide them with Sacred Heart’s school ID #70056083, and that’s it!